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Mystery by Verne Nesbitt


The Neglected Element of the Gospel


Published: June 12, 2023

Fully God and Fully Man
Have you ever considered the possibility that this oft-quoted statement is merely a valiant attempt to explain the unexplainable? Through profound exegetical study, author Verne Nesbitt delves deep into this question, masterfully distinguishing between pervasive cultural ideology and foundational Biblical narrative. This brief dissertation evokes afresh the awe and wonder of the gospel of Jesus Christ, asserting the truth of our Savior’s nature which is best described as a God-ordained, divine mystery.

ISBN: 979-8888967485
Imprint: Streamroots
Edition: First
On Sale: June 25, 2023
Dimensions: 4.12 x 6.75
Pages: 114 pages
Retail price: $8.99
Distributor: Amazon
Printing: Amazon POD (Print-on-demand)
Printed in the USA

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“If you have ever struggled to reason through or communicate profound biblical truth, I recommend this book! Verne’s experience, insight and humility provide a refreshing reminder to embrace the mystery of the gospel with childlike faith.”
Abel Mendez

“Pastor Verne writes with the tenderness of a spiritual father who desires to protect his readers from biblical error, while directing them to the wonder found in the God of the Bible.”
Tyler Bacquet
Calvary Vista

“Verne Nesbitt draws us into a fascinating journey to understand the complete uniqueness of Jesus and the mystery inherent in His very nature. He challenges our modern-day church vocabulary and Greek philosophical language. He reveals how some of our basic understanding contradicts truly biblically centered beliefs. He encourages us to actually ponder what we believe about Jesus and how we’ve come to believe it. God is a better and more thorough theologian than anyone else concerning the nature of Jesus. This work reminds us that the Spirit-inspired words of the New Testament authors alone are the most accurate source to instruct us on the nature and person of Jesus, the only and uniquely begotten Son of God.”
Jason Anderson, M.Div.
Pastor and Author