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About Streamroots

If necessity is the mother of invention, opportunity is the father. Both of these converged to form Streamroots Publishing long before the bigger picture would unfold. Our startup actually began in 2013 as the host home for Tiffany Nesbitt’s blog posts. A few years later when she released a women’s Bible study, Bless became Streamroots’ first imprint. Then in 2022, Chris Nesbitt had the opportunity to republish his father’s book from 1997, The Servant King. As it received the Streamroots imprint, it suddenly became apparent that a new kind of publishing house was being birthed. A generational imprint. A legacy imprint.

With over a half-dozen manuscripts currently in process, Streamroots looks forward to being an imprint with impact—Kingdom impact—and is focused on bringing titles which compel believers of all ages to run the race with endurance. Our hope is that you are not just encouraged  with each read, but you are challenged and inspired to a lifestyle of radical, Jesus-loving faith, risk and obedience.

Author Endorsements

“It was decades ago when I first met Verne Nesbitt. I was impressed by his diligence to discover more of God by his determination to be true to God’s Word. He is intense, bright and committed to Christ. His writings reflect his character and his diligent research. His presentation will satisfy your search to know God better… and will strengthen you in your walk with and service for the Lord.”

Loren Cunningham

Loren Cunningham

Founder, YWAM (Youth With a Mission)

“The Bless Women’s Bible study is phenomenal! Our hearts are being stirred up, each one of us in new and different and beautiful and glorious ways. And all of us are just taken with Tiffany’s teaching. If your group is longing for deep intimacy with the One who knows your name, check out this study. I promise you, you will be blessed!”

Janet Wietbrock

Janet Weitbrock

Neighborhood Church

“My heart is moved. Your passion for God… His Holiness, His Faithfulness, His Greatness as well as His intimacy… all these and more are reflected and communicated [in your work]. [It is] fresh, unpredictable, like God Himself. Thank you for putting this in my hand/heart. May [it] find expression here and around the world.”

Tom Mosely

Tom Mosely

Houston’s First Baptist Church